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by salam Sun, January 10 2010 06:11

Update on September 27, 2010 : Please refer to my new article where there is a link to download the tool at

I am proud to announce that I have finalized version 1.00 of a toolI called BiztalkDashboard. It provides real time Biztalk platform activity monitoring based on specific performance counters.

Biztalk server is composed of different components and subsystems each of which has its own specifics. To enable IT professionals monitor effectively their platforms without the need to manually go through steps of configuring perfmon. I decided to create a the tool to enable a Biztalk administrator or developer with an eye of bird at his convenience watch what is going on from  his desktop.

The tool is based on performance counters in all categories that have their values expressed as “/sec”, i.e message sent /sec.

The tool targets IT professionals and Biztalk developers to help them acquire good knowledge of their platform. The tool is easy to configure through xml configuration files, display measures in gauges displayed according to a specific category of Biztalk performance counter. In future releases, also I will add log functionalities to log figures in csv files to exploited later in excel. Logging at 4 levels and error handling will be done through enterprise library latest version.


The config file should indicate the name of the server to monitor, otherwise it will default to local machine. The tool should allow changing the server in real time without the need to reinitialize the applications. The tool must can be run from client machines, so security should be taken into consideration.  All gauges should be parameterized dynamically.

I intend als to add another enhancement for Alerts Sends  when threshold is crossed.

One log file should be used during a session.


Please follow this link to see a full demo of the tool in  action. I use LoadGen to send 4000 messages to orchestration to test the tool.




1/10/2010 10:11:08 PM #

Jan Eliasen


The webcast is not easy to follow, because it seems that the dashboard does not update itself - You talk about what you can see in the dashboard, but it is not visible to me when viewing the webcast. Perhaps you should retake the webcast?

You could also consider redoing the webcast, perhaps streamlining it a little bit and then getting it hosted on



Jan Eliasen Denmark | Reply

1/10/2010 10:43:37 PM #

Jan Eliasen

Hi again.

I received your email and I have answered it, but the SMTP server at my ISP says it cannot deliver the mail. Did you send the email from a valid email address?


Jan Eliasen Denmark | Reply

1/10/2010 10:48:46 PM #


Yes, I have send the email from my personal one salam dot elias AT free dot fr. Please resend it of you can

eliassal France | Reply

1/11/2010 12:13:28 AM #

Jan Eliasen


Still same error:

<"INSERTED_BY_ELIASEN_TO_AVOID_SPAM">: host[] said: 554 too many errors
    detected from your IP (, please visit (in reply to DATA command)

Using the email address you sent to me instead of the "INSERTED_BY_ELIASEN_TO_AVOID_SPAM", naturally...


Jan Eliasen Denmark | Reply

3/31/2010 8:50:31 PM #


I am currently in the final stages. I think I will make available a free limited version and a full commercial one.
I will put an announcement once it is done.

salam United States | Reply

11/17/2010 2:27:36 PM #

raymundohill smith

I was preparing for demo for BAM on a new BTS 2009 platform. I have my app up and runing, bam tabels populated correctly, when I tried to run my Bam_package ssis package to start playing with the cubes in Bamanalysis, I got an error "binaries are not found".

raymundohill smith United States | Reply

6/10/2011 1:49:55 PM #

Pandora UK

when I tried to run my Bam_package ssis package to start playing with the cubes in Bamanalysis, I got an error "binaries are not found".

Pandora UK United States | Reply

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